Reflexiones Dr Victoria Sanchez


“Reflexiones” is the name of a live event I host regularly where we meet to discuss different topics about spirituality and personal development.

It’s a safe space to connect, elevate our energy and grow together.

We talk about inner peace, consciousness, energy, intuition, angels, chakras, healing, transformation, etc.

There’s a main topic in each “Reflexiones” circle, to give you an idea, some topics of past meetings have been:

  • Stop aiming for life balance – how to keep inner peace and navigate life with grace instead
  • How to elevate your vibration
  • Transformation – how to work with our fear and create conscious changes.



In these magical meetings we do meditations, visualizations, coaching exercises, exchange experiences, drink tea and, of course, I give angel card readings, which is always everyone’s favourite part.


As all of my services, these meetings are also available in 3 languages: spanish, german and english, so you can come and join us in whichever language you prefer.


Let me know if you want to participate in the next event. I you’re interested but can’t join in person, let me know too because then I can send you the summary with the best of “Reflexiones”.


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